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If you think your Fool’s journey is headed nowhere, it’s time to find a spiritual guide who can help get you back on the right path. That’s where  A Cat’s Wink comes in. I offer virtual tarot readings from Benton, Ky. to wherever you may be in the world. Turn to me to read your tarot when you need mental clarity on your experiences. I’ll help you gain a new perspective on your thoughts, emotions, and even your dreams.

Special Event
Tarot Readings

$125, depending on group size and duration. Call for a free consultation.

Only First Time Client Donation of $20.00 for an hour reading $15 for a half-hour reading.

Tarot Readings

Donation amounts for one-on-one readings are $20 for 30 minutes, $30 for 60 minutes & Monthly Check-ups $30 for an hour.


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New Clients 1 time 60 min. reading for $20

Yellow Doll

Promotes Health

Pink Doll (purse size)

Promotes transformation for people who are rising from unhappiness)

Skull Doll (purse size)

Relieves Anxiety