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According to tarot lore, you are on the Fool’s Journey. Don’t worry – it isn’t a bad thing!

The Fool’s Journey symbolizes your life path and the fool represents anyone who’s learning and growing.

If you think your fool’s journey is headed nowhere, It’s time to find a spiritual guide who can help get you back on the right path. That’s where A Cat’s Wink comes in. We offer Virtual Tarot Readings in Benton, Ky., or wherever you may be in the world. Turn to our Tarot card reader when you need mental clarity on your experiences. We’ll help you gain a new perspective on your thoughts, emotions, or even your dreams.

Gather the wisdom and awareness that you need to continue your quest. Contact us today to schedule an individual or group tarot card reading.

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Generations of mediums before me have contributed to absolute knowledge and understanding of the other side.


Valuing the ability to connect an a personal & emotional level is at the core of my conduct.


Over 20 years of experience with readings and psychic understanding, with a continual focus on constantly improving.

Look Beyond the Veil

It’s often said that when a cat winks at you, it feels comfortable being around you. But what if the wink means more than that? The cat has served as a familiar to witches and mediums for hundreds of years.

At A Cats Wink Tarot, we believe that when a cat winks at you, it’s time to tap into your spiritual and superstitious side. There’s so much magic to be found in the world around us. Are you ready to find it in yourself? Schedule an appointment now to look beyond the veil with our tarot card reader.