Greetings, beautiful soul

Meet Melissa

I’m a medium by nature and a psychic by choice. My family came from a line of psychics that spanned generations, so a conducive spiritual atmosphere has always been present in my life. Over time, we grew naturally sensitive to the spiritual realm, and with all of the resources around me, I decided to embrace what it truly means to be a psychic. Now I get to live my life to the fullest knowing I provide my clients with insight from a window of greater understanding that I help reveal.

Psychic Tarot Readings Online & In-Person for Insight, Clarity, and Empowerment

Embrace the whispers of your intuition with A Cat’s Wink Tarot, your gateway to guidance and wisdom in Paducah, Benton, and throughout Western Kentucky. As a sixth-generation psychic and intuitive tarot reader, I offer a unique blend of ancestral knowledge and modern insights to illuminate your path.

Born with a sensitivity to the unseen, I grew up surrounded by the rich tapestry of the spiritual realm. This heritage, coupled with a deep commitment to my calling, allows me to connect with your energy and interpret the stories whispered by the tarot cards. My readings are more than just fortune-telling; they’re collaborative journeys of self-discovery that empower you to make informed decisions and navigate life’s challenges with renewed confidence.

Whether you seek:

  • Clarity in love and relationships
  • Guidance on career decisions
  • Understanding of hidden obstacles
  • Insights into personal growth and healing
  • Connection with your spirit guides and ancestors

I’m here to walk alongside you.
Each reading is tailored to your specific needs and questions, ensuring a compassionate and supportive space for exploring your inner landscape.

Choose your adventure:

  • In-person readings: Visit my cozy studio/office in my home in Benton, KY, for a warm and intimate experience.
  • Online readings: Connect with me from anywhere in the world via secure video chat.

Ready to awaken your inner wisdom and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead?
Schedule your tarot reading today and let A Cat’s Wink Tarot guide you towards a brighter tomorrow.

Melissa's Gift

Unveil the mysteries of your heart and relationships, finding solace and direction in the whispers of the cards.

Chart your professional course with confidence, letting the tarot illuminate hidden paths and empower you to rewrite your career narrative.

Unravel the knots of confusion, unearthing the unseen forces shaping your journey and revealing the power to overcome them.

Unlock the secrets of your soul, nurturing growth and healing as the tarot illuminates your potential and whispers pathways to wholeness.

Embrace the wisdom of your lineage, forging a deeper connection with spirit guides and ancestors who walk beside you in the dance of life.